Behavioral Therapy for Parents and Children

I completed my doctorate degree in clinical psychology in 2020, completed my APA Accredited Internship in Miami, FL, and my post-doctorate education at Kansas University Medical Center- Behavioral Pediatrics. I completed my dissertation research on Teacher Child Interaction Training (TCIT) at an urban elementary school in Virginia. I have significant experience with social skills groups such as PEERS & GNO for adolescents with autism. All interventions are provided from a clinical, evidence based, empirically supported, and strictly secular perspective.

I am currently accepting patients ages 2-7 for Parent Child Interaction Therapy, also known as PCIT. Older patients accepted on a case by case basis only. I specialize in CBT for children and have significant experience working with children with ADHD, oppositional and defiant behaviors, and trauma. I'm certified in Girls Night Out, a social skills group.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PsyD, LP

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PCIT-Parent Child Interaction Therapy

Behavioral Therapy

Assessment (coming Fall 2022)

Parent Child Interaction Therapy-
I am fully certified as a Level 1 Provider through PCIT International. The first phase of PCIT focused on strengthening an already warm and loving relationship between parent and child. This parents positive tools to use to direct their child's behaviors, focusing on praising the positive opposite behaviors. It also makes children feel heard, respected, and special. The second phase of PCIT focuses on developing appropriate commands, discipline and consistent follow through. This is all done in a very manualized format, with specific steps and feedback for each phase. PCIT has been clinically proven highly effective when this format is followed closely!

For children who exceed the age limit for PCIT (7 years old) or have other behavioral needs, I work with kiddos up to age 18 for a variety of different concerns. I have worked with kids of all ages to address and improve behaviors associated with feeding, toileting, anxiety, trauma, and depression. During consultation, we will determine which approach is best for your child’s needs. 

Assessing for autism has been one of my favorite skillsets I have developed. Working with you and your child to determine an appropriate diagnosis is a lengthy and detailed process. I explicitly use the ADOS-2, considered the “gold standard” in psychological assessment of autism, along with several other highly valid and reliable assessments. It takes a lot of information gathering to make a proper diagnosis. Please message me if you are interested in this service.  

If you are having trouble controlling your child's behaviors, look no further!